Shrimp Hiding Places in fresh water tank

Shrimp Hiding Places

Providing the shrimp with hiding places helps reduce their stress levels from potential predators in the tank as well as …

Assassin Snails

Close up of Mystery Snail face
Assassin Snails Mystery Snails

Do Assassin Snails Eat Mystery Snails

Clint Green

Assassin snails are an effective way to control unwanted nuisance snail populations. These predatory snails can quickly reduce the number …

Ghost Shrimp

Ghost Shrimp in tank
Ghost Shrimp Amano Shrimp

Amano shrimp vs ghost shrimp

Clint Green

Choosing between Amano shrimp and ghost shrimp can be tough. But fear not! This guide …

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Betta Fish

Can Betta Fish Live With Shrimp

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When it comes to living together, shrimp and betta fish may seem like an unlikely …

Monster Snail - Big eyes big month being funny

Worst Snails for Betta

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Are you considering paring snails with bettas in the same aquarium? Make no mistake about …

Double Tail Betta Fish

24 Betta and Double Tail Betta Fish Facts

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Betta Facts Overview Many people know Betta fish as territorial and aggressive fish species; little …

Mystery Snail moving along green grass in tank with Betta fish

Mystery Snails with Betta

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A Complete Care Guide for Mystery Snails With Betta Tank For a quick intro, Mystery …

Pink Betta fish in tank

Best 5 Gallon Tank for Betta

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Overview As a new aquarist or hobbyist, starting out is no walk in the park. …

Betta Fish

Nerite Snails with Betta

Clint Green

A Complete Care Guide for Nerite Snails With Betta Mates Nerite snails (or Nerites) are …

Light cream Betta Fish in small tank

Best Snail for Small Betta Tank in 2023

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Betta fish is territorial and aggressive, meaning that it is dangerous to “co-breed” them with …

Blue and Orange Betta Fish in small tank

7 Best Snails for Betta Tanks

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7 Best Snails for Betta Tank best snails for betta tank A betta is a …


Shrimp in tank with a filter

Do Shrimp Need a Filter

Most shrimp tanks require some kind of filtration to guaranteed the water quality stays stable …

Shrimp in Tank with Heater and climbing on plant

Do Shrimp Need a Heater

Freshwater shrimps are fascinating creatures that I have enjoyed watching in my home aquariums for …