I have had a long life passion for Aquariums, over the years I have gone from small 5 gallon tanks to large 20-30 gallon fish tanks.

All with a variety of fish, snails and shrimp. Over the past years I have moved house and not been able to keep a large tank active, as such I had had to resort to smaller sized tanks.

My budget has also changed, meaning spare money to invest in tanks has been limited requiring me to learn how to be smarter and research to achieve my desired result.

More recently, I have taken an interest in snails and how they co-exist with fish and shrimp, with my existing knowledge I am combining together and writing about my findings, research, knowledge and sharing with the world.

I hope this site helps you on your amazing journey to establish, maintain and progress and personalize a home aquarium of your dreams.

Reach out, say hello, drop a comment or direct message. I would love to help you with your journey.